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The v3 project is developed & maintained by Jeremy Goodwin.  Provided free by Black Lagoon Software

v3 Project Site

v3 Is Back!  And Now It's Opensource :-)  Click HERE To Use v3

Thank you SourceForge, because of you:

v3 Is Alive!
Click HERE To Use v3 Now
Welcome to the v3 project site:
v3 is a cgi-based proxy protection by-pass system. Basically it is a cgi http proxy. It is designed for people who can only access the internet behind a censoring system. So, as long as you can access the site where v3 is hosted, you can then get to many other sites which would otherwise be banned. For more technical info about v3 you should look at the help section within v3.

v3 Development Status [I'm planning what to do next] Version: v3.2 beta 2

Mission Statement
In the interests of availability of information and openness in general, v3 has been created to allow users with restricted internet access to browse unmonitored and freely. v3 was designed with anti-censorship in mind. We don't make any money from v3 or any of the advertising used. The adverts are only used to make v3 become even more popular than it already is.

The Ramblings Of A Drunkard
I just thought i'd add a few comments to this rushed together page. Firstly, at the time of writing none of the other sections are done. This page is just an example of the features that will be implemented to the v3 Project Site. I will soon add help documents to the help section and write the history of v3 for the history section. I will continue work on v3 (and possibley even make a v4) but it all depends on how popular v3 becomes (it is pointless for me to write a more advanced version if no-one will use it). Also, if anyone wants to contact me please do (at I haven't really got much better to do ;-) You can also chat to the creator of v3 live here. I'd like to hear your comments, suggestions and rants. Thanks for listening.
A Bit About The Source
v3 has just become opensource and can be freely distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL. Before that it was closed and only one person (me) knew how to use it. Now that it is opensource still only one person knows how to use it because I haven't yet written any help or readme files. The next thing on my list to do is to write a detailed help file describing how to install and set-up v3 on a web-server, how to modify v3 to suit your needs and the various ways v3 can be tinkered with. Until that day, however, you are stuck with no help files but help is at hand! You can all e-mail me your questions at I'll try to help the best I can, but bear in mind that I'll be writing some docs very soon, so unless it is urgent you could wait (although I like getting e-mails - so don't)

The v3 Project Page (on SourceForge) is useful for obtaining info about releases of v3 and related material. The v3 Project File Area is where you will find releases of the v3 source code.
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